Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Jesus was a man of prayer. It is not coincidental that he always seemed to be in control, was never rushed and accomplished God’s will for His life in a short time. Why? I believe because of prayer. This week we will look at what we can learn from the prayer life of Jesus.


1. According to Luke 5:16 when did Jesus withdraw and pray? Where did he pray?
2. According to Paul, how are we to pray (I Thessalonians 5:17)? What do you think he means by this command?
3. How would you rate your frequency of prayer? Rarely? Before meals? At bedtime? Continually?
4. Do you have a place of prayer? What “lonely place” can you find and set up as your prayer place?


1. Read Luke 6:12-13. What major decision was Jesus about to make? Why was this an important decision? Have you ever spent the night in prayer?
2. What major decisions are you facing this week? Have you spent time in prayer asking God to guide you? Why not do so now?
3. Notice how the New Testament church followed Jesus’ examples before choosing her leaders? (See Acts 1:24, 6:6, 13:2-3, 14:23) Can you name three things from their example that you can do to help you when you seek God’s direction in making major decisions? Write them down and put them into practice this week.


1. Read Mark 1:35. When did Jesus go pray? Where did he go?
2. Read Mark 1:21-34. What had Jesus been doing? How do you think this affected his popularity? When Simon and his friends found Jesus praying what did they exclaim (Mark 1:36)? Why do you think everybody was looking for Jesus?
3. Where did Jesus want to go (Mark 1:38)? Why did he want to go? For what purpose, according to this verse, did Jesus come to earth?
4. Do you sometimes find it easy to get distracted by life and forget what your true purpose is? What type of things distracts you from doing God’s will or doing what is really important? How can prayer help you stay focused?


1. Define the word “intercession”? Read the following verses for whom did Jesus intercede?
A. Luke 22:32 – For what did Jesus pray? Do you know someone who is struggling with their faith? Take a few minutes and pray for them?
B. John 17:9-16 – Here Jesus prays for his disciples. For what does Jesus pray (Verse 15)? Who do you know that Satan is attacking right now and needs a prayer of protection? Take a few minutes and pray for that person by name.
C. Luke 23:34 – For whom is Jesus praying? What does he pray for? Who has hurt you that you need to pray for right now? Take a few minutes and do so.


1. Read Jesus’ prayer in John 17:20-26. For whom is Jesus praying?
2. What does he want is believers to be? Why does Jesus say unity is important (See verses 21, 23,)?
3. What does Jesus want Christians to see (verse 24)?
4. How have you made the Father known to the world? Unity is important for God’s people (See Ephesians 4:1-3, John 13:34-35). Take a moment to pray for unity among God’s people. What can you do to promote unity in your congregation? (Can you list three practical things?)


1. Read some other Scriptures about the prayers of Jesus. Write down what you learn? Is there an example to follow? An attitude to adopt? What else do you learn? (See Luke 22:39-42, John 11:41-43, Hebrews 7:25)

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