Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glen Miller

On Tuesday a dear friend, mentor, teacher and shepherd went home. Glen Miller was a remarkable man. He taught me how to be a better husband, he taught me more about parenting than any person I have ever known. He was an elder who “smelled like sheep” because he was amongst them feeding, caring for and protecting them.

A successful businessman Glen would rather lose money than lose a friend or hurt the church. The last week of his battle against cancer he did not want pain medicine because he wanted to be alert when people came to see him. He told those who visited that he loved them and that God loved them. He shared with them the importance of family and the church. He finished strong.

His family and friends will miss him; our church has lost a patriarch. His wisdom will not be replaced. This community has lost a good man. But the tears we shed are for us not for him. Glen’s gone home – we experienced a loss but Glen won a great victory in Christ.

This man of God will be missed but his legacy of faith, family and love will live on.


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